We provide children with the necessary tools to discover the world of art through second language immersion and bilingual instruction.

Wing Haven Gardens // Art and Nature Bilingual Sessions

Wing Haven Gardens // Art and Nature Bilingual Sessions

Through open ended activities, holistic approach and an earthy environment we introduce our kiddos to a variety of art techniques and media. Our focus is letting kiddos enjoy and experience their own artistic process connection, creativity, confidence, empathy and wonder. We talk about renowned artists like Remedios Varo, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and others.  Image books and short stories are a fun tool to incorporate and weave cultural and historical connections into the program. Although well planned and content specific, our bilingual art sessions: art studio in Spanish - art studio in German - art studio in French, take on an almost organic flow and emphasize play and self expression.

  • We present our art-kiddos with different creative invitations and set materials for: drawing, painting, portraits, still life, landscapes and mixed media exploration.

  • Our materials include watercolors, tempera, markers, crayon, pastel, pastel and pencil. Glue and different type of recycled objects and elements that we gather in nature.

Art-Kiddo is a big tree with a lot of branches
ALC MOSAIC // Building a Community Clay (arcilla) Village

ALC MOSAIC // Building a Community Clay (arcilla) Village

Our Mission

The mission of Art-Kiddo is to provide children with the necessary tools to discover the world of art through Spanish immersion and bilingual instruction WHILE CREATING MEANINGFUL EXPRECIENCES AND NATURE/SOCIAL CONNECTIONS. In our sessions, we work together to enhance social/emotional skills, sensory regulation, motor skills, behavior, and plat/leisure skills.

(ñ) El objetivo de Art-Kiddo es proveer a los niños con las herramientas necesarias para descubrir el mundo del arte a través de un programa de inmersión en español e instrucción bilingüe. En nuestras sesiones, trabajamos en común para mejorar competencias sociales y emocionales, regulación sensorial, capacidades motoras, conducta y habilidades de recreo y ocio.

Working with Art-Kiddo has been a true delight! Not only are they passionate about art in nature, but they are professional, well organized, and wonderful with children. At Wing Haven, we are happy to open our garden gates to the creative programing of Art-Kiddo.
— Jill Goodrich, Wing Haven Director of Education & Outreach

They create the perfect space for kids to learn while playing! It has special charm to it, not only because of their content, but their charisma.
— Jime Duran Smith, Life Coach and Founder of Queen Girls Publishing Co.
What a treat to work with the Art-Kiddo team! As promised, our child was fully immersed in Spanish as she experienced yoga, nature, and art. Camp was muy divertido, and we will be back for más!
— Katie Jolly, Mother and Educator

I love love these classes ♥ they have been so refreshing for my homeschooler, every week he has been exposed to a new technique that we had not try at home (or dare to lol). Sol and the team are sweet, creative, and full of energy!
My son really loves nature and art and this classes mix the best of both.
— Natalia Marin, Health Counselor & Homeschool-Earthing at @vdawellnesscenter