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Charlotte Kids Can Learn Spanish & Art Simultaneously at These New Enrichment Programs


Hola, amigos: Expand your child's mind with immersive bilingual programs that teach more than just a second language.

In Partnership with Art-Kiddo:

When beach days come to an end and school is back in session, it can be tough getting little ones back into a routine. Instead of giving them an iPad for hours of distraction, though, there’s a much better use of their time as late summer settles into fall.

While it’s never too late to learn a second language or take an art class, studies show that learning a second language is easier in childhood. And the good news is, Charlotte parents don’t have to be bilingual in order for their kids to speak new sounds—not anymore, at least.

Art-Kiddo is a new Charlotte-based company that seeks to “provide children with the necessary tools to discover the world of art through Spanish immersion and bilingual instruction.”

Art-Kiddo hosts art classes and camps, but the instructions are told in the new language. Second language acquisition is even stronger and more natural when it occurs in an immersive environment, thus the idea. Because Art-Kiddo students are learning to perform a variety of tasks in a new language, their minds are working on many levels.

 Art-Kiddo’s enrichment programs, often taking the form of half-day camps or hour-long classes, are the types of artsy camps you wish you had when you were a kid. Mask-making, painting, and even collage-making are all part of the curriculum at the upcoming E-ART-H camp at Wing Haven Gardens, for example. 

During these sessions, Art-Kiddo’s passionate team—the unsung heroes of the whole operation—also work to enhance children’s social and emotional skills, sensory regulation, motor skills, behavior, and leisure skills. Speaking of the team, it might be nice to know your kids are in the hands of fellow parents…