Where Wishes become reality

Familia Feliciano L, John & SoL  Charleston, SC

Familia Feliciano L, John & SoL

Charleston, SC

We are a romantic couple, who value family and community. We love to travel the world and are always looking for more knowledge, more experiences, move live moments, more content, more roots, and more connections.

We decided to build an independent platform where we share the upcoming events, which ‘We Wish’ to have. We will promote curated upcoming gatherings, circles, classes, and workshops ‘We Wish’ to attend and hope that you do too.

At WE WISH, we choose hands-on opportunities to learn that put us on our path to discovering personal enrichment and optimization. We map a mix of workshops and classes for people who want to enrich their lives and never stop discovering.

What do you Wish for? Because at We Wish we are making it happen!

Where wishes become reality!

Knowledge opens the door for us to protect our bodies, our spirits, our sisters and brothers, our sons and daughters, and heal the Earth.

OUR MISSION is to be of Great Service to the World By hosting Opportunities for Personal Growth

Create services and events for individuals and groups that are unique and successful.
Create information products that reach people around the world.
Calling our tribe! Creating the group products and events that your people want.
Walking the conscious path of business – making a difference and being of service.